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Gifler 1.7

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:11 pm
by dustinduse
Gifler, is a small application designed to read configurable keywords from a Twitch chat. When the configured amount of keywords have been said in chat (anywhere in a message) a Image is displayed on your stream. This image can either a still picture (png, bmp, jpg) or a moving image (gif). This overlay is done though a small http server built into the app and a browser source in OBS.

      Status Monitor - Main GUI shows; connection status, chat count, and overlay count.
      Keyword triggered Overlays - You can use anything as a keyword, including emotes!
      Delayed Overlays - Your overlays can require the keyword be said anywhere from 1 to 32,767 times.
      Overlay adjustments - Change your overlays display time, and even adjust image scaling on a per overlay bases.
      Overlay text - Overlays can have text displayed with them. Size, font, and the color is all configurable.
      Text Shadows - Drop shadow options on text.
      Overlay testing - Test your overlays before starting your stream.
      Easy OAuth - The app has been built with an easy to use OAuth system, that will even update your expired tokens.
      Overlay sound - Add sound to an overlay. Includes volume control per overlay.
    PRO: $4.99 - If it brings two subs it will pay for itself!
      All the above features plus
      Ranked Overlays - Overlays can be set to only accept keywords based on stream rank (Follwer, Sub, New Follower, New Sub, Mod, Broadcaster)
      Premium support

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