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Post#1 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:11 pm

DuseBot - A Twitch Integration Platform

DuseBot started as an idea of automatic reward redemptions in a game server. The original layout used the (now gone) Revlo service. After two months of development I began to realize that to make EVERY feature, needed for this kind of system I would need to start from scratch. Thus, DuseBot was born. From where he started on that cloudy day in April to where he has grown to on this cool day in September is remarkable! For being just one developer, he has come so far. I have poured my heart into this bot. I love this bot and I hope you all will too!

This feature list will be ever changing. So, check back often!
    Open source control panel - Don't like mine? Edit it or create your own.
    Open source add-ons - Want to add something new to an addon? Go for it or make your own.
    Extensive and ever growing API - The API can control various parts of the bot system. See our documentation.
    Loyalty points system - Our loyalty system even has awesome features.
    Point multipliers - Want your subs to gain points faster? Me too!
    Chat games - Like !roulette and !gamble.
    Stream overlays - It says stream overlays because this bot will do it all! Sub, follow, bit, and host events as well as rewards.

DuseBot's wiki contains everything you'll need to support any number of games in any programming language. I plan to build some addons over time to support popular games; but would love to see what other people could do with these addons.

Current add-ons:
      Open source. Edit it as you wish.
      Server-side notices for streamers going live.
      Optional loyalty points to in-game currency system.
      High customization reward structure from the notification to the commands.

As mentioned before, the panel is open source so you are welcome to tailor it to match your channel or throw it out all together for your own version. There will be details in the panel wiki about how its functions work. Please reuse the database.php file as it will contain pre-built database calls for most of the things you will need.

As this is part of the control panel, your overlays are open source. You are no longer limited in design. The Bot comes stock with two styles. You can tailor one of these or design your own.

Currently, a Mysql / MarinaDB database is required. In the future, I plan to have an alternate storage method.
    Mysql / MarinaDB Database server (MarinaDB RECOMMENDED)
    PHP enabled Webserver
    Something that can run a java app. (PC/VPS/RasberryPI)

Questions or comments? Looking to get a copy when its released? Head over to our General DuseBot forum and we can chat about it.

Owner and operator of Dusecraft Gaming Community and the servers the community operates and maintains.

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